Numerous Large, Mid and Individually Sized Lots Available


30.56 total acres of commercial/retail space available in the new Hawkeye Village development
The following lot types and sizes are currently available:
(1) 15.34 acre large format retail
(1) 5.12 acre medium format retail or strip
(1) 5.12 acre office or retail
(4) individual retail lots totaling 4.95 acres
High visibility area!  Located in the center of Williston and in the shadow of Sloulin Field International Airport
Location is surrounded by single family homes, apartments, and town homes offering additional exposure to nearby communities

West Williston / Hawkeye Village Details

High end development
Strong growth in residential development
Involvement by major developers with significant projects:
Sand Creek Town Center
Cash Wise Grocery
Other restaurants and retail
Harvest Hills:  164 acres; 1,550 housing units
Fairhills”  145 acres of retail and residential
Heritage Townhomes
Chandler Field
Excellent access and transportation connections

Williston Fast Facts

City population: Increasing at 10% per year; forecast of 68,000 by 2017
Trade area population: 97,000 in 2014; forecast of 138,000 by 2019
Average annual wage for Williston/Williams County (as of first quarter of 2014): $80,184; 77% above U.S. national average
Unemployment rate (as of August 2015) in Williston City: 1.9%
Employment growth (2007 – 2013): 38,255 new jobs
New business growth (2007 – 2013): 2,216 new businesses
Fastest growing “micropolitan” area in the U.S. (Official census data)
City’s annual taxable sales of $915 million (as of second quarter of 2014) far exceed those of surrounding cities in the state of North Dakota
Located in the center of all Bakken oil and gas activity